BurgerFi is among the nation’s fastest-growing, gourmet burger chains, and Jaco was proud to be chosen as the contractor of the first Wichita location. BurgerFi is an eco-friendly gourmet burger restaurant, where environmental sustainability guides every decision they make. Everything from the food to store construction material points to one vision: BurgerFi is natural and walks the talk. They use only 100% natural Angus beef patties with no steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals or additives. Their restaurants feature an inviting and eco-friendly atmosphere with upcycled (made from something else) furnishings, LED lighting, a 10’ ceiling fan that is uses 66% less energy, and renewable timber sourced wood panels. The self-serve ordering stations add convenience and speed to your order. Jaco is experienced in working with sustainable materials and running a project to reduce overall waste. The project also included adding audio/video, the installing, and testing of kitchen equipment, and running beer tap lines.