carrie lindholm

Chief FINANCIAL officer


Carrie has been a part of the accounting world for over 15 years. At Jaco, Carrie is responsible for managing finances, from financial reporting and analysis to supporting operations.

Along with husband Brian, Carrie cultivates an active family life, spending her time outside of the office with teenage sons at home, two grown stepsons, and two dogs, a Scottie mutt named Fredo and  a beagle named Princess Daisy. Together they enjoy traveling, camping, and kayaking.  She is “seriously obsessed” with all things wine and rarely ever plan a trip without finding a winery to visit along the way. Carrie and her husband make wine at home and just started growing their own grapevines. 

Professional Credentials and Certifications:

  • CPA

  • CCIFP Designation (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional)



  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting - Wichita State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Human Resources Management - Kansas State University