fuzzy’s taco shop

 wichita, ks rock road location


You can’t miss Fuzzy’s Taco Shop bright yellow building and signage when you drive by. That Is by design, and so is everything inside as well. When you walk in, you immediately understand this is a different kind of quick service restaurant with a full service bar, frozen drinks, and a giant shark. This is the largest Fuzzy’s Taco in the nation, at just over 8,000 sq ft.

Three demised tenant spaces were converted to make the large space. The main restaurant is approximately 5,400 sq. ft. and inside there is a 2,600 sq. ft. banquet room. As with any restaurant, there are many features that you must account for, such as kitchen prep areas, grill stoves and Ansul system, refrigeration units and drink stations—to name a few. But with Fuzzy’s, owners were more open to aesthetics being not-standard—in fact, they wanted a unique one-of-a-kind experience. This gave Jaco the opportunity to influence the overall look and feel of the restaurant. We incorporated many custom details and features, including inlaid wood walls and decoration, custom metal cabinet doors, surfaces, railings and more.

All the customized elements help give the restaurant a unique and more localized feel. Many of the unique interior features utilize reclaimed wood from palettes and other construction elements. The bar liquor stands are brushed metal with inside lights and glass tops that make the bottles glow. The lights can be programmed to change colors. The staging area for ordering incorporated a wood block wall with a hand carved chili pepper, metal railings and a display cabinet with a metal grate version of the Wichita flag and many of Interior walls feature custom wood designs. The counter in front of the serving window has swirled metal surface and if you look closely on the drink station wall, you will see the Fuzzy’s Shark logo.


wichita state university location