kneaders bakery & cafe 



While Jaco has vast experience in building restaurants, each brand has a different set of requirements for materials, finishes, and specialty needs. Kneaders Bakery & Cafe incorporates granite table tops, faux painting, a custom manufactured ceiling tile, and a host of specialty ovens with strict electrical and venting needs. When specialty materials are involved, logistics plays a key role in maintaining a construction schedule. The Jaco team works together to investigate lead times and product inventory on specialty products to ensure delivery times and anticipate all the elements necessary for successful installation. Granite has a different lead time then custom faux painting or specialty ovens, but the ovens have electrical and venting needs that must be accomplished prior to the ovens arrival. It is constantly an adjustment to which trades are needed and when. Jaco uses on-site supervision and proven construction scheduling methods to make sure delivery times are properly accounted for.

When customers arrive at the 3,844 sq. ft. Wichita Kneaders they immediately feel at home. The interior features the large glass windows trimmed in wood, a cozy stone gas fireplace, gift wrapping station, large drink station, free wi-fi and plenty of seating. But many of the details that make for more pleasant customer experience are not visible such as the installation of the Polin stoves and Vollrath induction warmer, making sure the track lighting is slightly lower then the ceiling to avoid any cutouts of the custom tile, or making sure the front exterior light fixtures clear the stone to fit properly without having to grind the stone. Also, additional electrical outlets were incorporated to account for lighting mobile display cases. Additional customer-friendly features include a drive-thru lane and two outdoor patio seating areas. The main east side outdoor area features a shade covering and outdoor lights, and stone trim makes Kneaders a very inviting place.

This project faced one additional challenge in the weather. Wichita had an unseasonable amount of rain during construction which forced us to be creative with the scheduling of trades to meet the opening date requirement.