We've compiled a few team remarks on what it's like to work for Jaco.

We've arrived to the conclusion that it is pretty darn awesome.


Communication is terrific. Matt Vigil

 I love the employees and the incredibly fun atmosphere! – John

We enjoy our happy hours. Andy Long

By far the people! We have the best group in the industry.   Michael Miller

Working away from the office.  Andy Andrus

Sparkle room activities, open communication, Tuesday’s “lunch n' learn”, smartest group of construction professionals in town, no micromanagement, and our office mascot, Nikki.  Joerg Nahrendorf 

The people. More recently John's beard, but mostly the people. Mike Katt

The people I work with! They’re all really good people, good at what they do, and a lot of fun to be around.  Cynthia Aguirre

Definitely the people—they make every day so fun. No such thing as micromanagement. Nikki!  Jessica Fagherazzi

Josh is a big part of it, having worked with him in the past for several years, knowing a little bit about him and how he got to where he isalways expected. Also trust—they trust the experience you possess and bring to the job, your sense of judgement. You’re trusted to work the hours you work, not having to punch a time clock (which in this industry translates into “sitting at your desk before time starts for the day” or being asked “where have you been?”)  

I also like to hear what John has to say just about anything—it’s either just funny as hell or very smart. (I think Kevin James gets his material from John, very funny.) Josh and Mike are also always ready to help with about anything I ask, just working with smart people in general here is pretty great.

Lunches—it’s always good to get a catered lunch. Clothes, nice to get shirts, hats, and all the other gifts like the ones we receive.

Oh, and how they make you feel appreciated—they recognize your birthdays, anniversaries. and the special dates in your life. Dick Bell