I had been saving since I got my first paycheck out of college so that I could quit my job when I hit 30 and travel for a year or so.

Then I met Alyssa, life happened, and we decided to turn it into an epic honeymoon. Timing wise it has worked out perfect. I took this project in Overland Park (shout out to Jaco for being so incredible about us leaving), Alyssa took the Bar at the end of July and doesn’t have any commitments while we're gone…and three months is the amount of time that we can afford/ stand to be away from our dogs. Plus, it lands perfectly getting to leave after the wedding and spend Christmas with her family.

It took a lot of planning, talking to friends that had been abroad about what places were must see’s, deciding where we wanted to go and how to get there, what to pack (each of us is taking only 1 carry on size backpack, camping gear and all). Scheduling it all out and finding ways to make the travel the least expensive is time consuming, but well worth it. It’s taken a lot of hours of research but with all the resources available online it is pretty fun to dream up this kind of trip.

We’re both most excited for Croatia and Patagonia. Croatia is supposed to be a beautiful European treasure (Google Plitvice) and Patagonia is just like this vast, desolate place at the end of the world. The airport we fly into to get there is a main starting point for journeys to Antarctica… If you watch 180 Degrees South on Netflix, you will definitely want to make the trip down there.

Alyssa and I met in Wyoming at the beginning of 2014. She started law school shortly after we met and just graduated in May. I got the opportunity to come work for Jaco here in Overland Park in May and we jumped on it! We moved from Laramie, WY to my family’s farm in Wellsville and have been beyond happy with the decision.

Alyssa and I are getting married on September 16 at our family farm, and the following week we head out for our big trip. Our friends from Maryland are driving their van out for the wedding and that will be our vehicle for the first leg of the trip. We will road trip out to Poolesville, MD (just outside DC) and spend a couple days with friends there. We then take a bus to NYC where we have tickets to The Tonight Show on Sept 28. (Look for us in the crowd!)

Our first flight is from New York to Barcelona on Oct 1. From Barcelona, we will travel to Nice-La Spezia- Venice- Pula- Plitvice- Budapest- Vienna- Krakow- Prague- Berlin- Amsterdam- London. We will Leave London Nov. 9 and Fly to Bangkok. We spend 9 days in Thailand between Chiang Mai and Krabi, then fly to Vietnam where we will spend about a week between Hanoi and Sapa. From Vietnam we travel to Seoul, South Korea where we will stay with friends.

After SE Asia, we travel to south America. We will spend a week in Peru (Machu Picchu), then head down to Argentina and spend a week camping in Patagonia around El Chalten. After that we fly to Costa Rica and spend a week there. On Christmas Eve, we board a plane to Tampa Fl, so that we can spend Christmas with Alyssa’s sister, brother in law, niece, and nephew. We’ll stay with them a few days then drive up to North Carolina to spend New Years with my little brother and his wife.

After that we will make one last road trip back to Wellsville, KS, where I'll hop back onto Jaco's wagon and start working on the next project!