Did you know that 79% of consumers have their phone on or near them during every hour of the day, excluding two hours? Smartphones are always on hand. It can be hard to imagine life without them. We are able to discover the answers to almost any question with a single click of the internet browser on our mobile screen, or communicate with anyone faster now than has ever been possible. Years back, texts didn't exist, internet and emails were only available on a desktop computer, and your company marketing was focused on the big desktop screens. But as time changes, your business needs to keep up. 


Customers Use Mobile to do their Research

Studies have revealed three-fourths of customers are using cell phones to do their product/services research, and the construction industry is no exception. That said, if someone needs to do any kind of quick research, they’re more likely to use their phones–and bam! That’s exactly where you want your brand: in an online advertisement, a Facebook post, a search on Google, or a simple text.

Google Favors Mobile-Optimization

Most websites are mobile optimized and Google strongly favors these sites. In fact, Google will actually rank your site lower if you are not optimized. If you put a lot of effort into SEO but you lack an optimized site, your hard work is for nothing.

Mobile Ads Will Surpass Desktop

Research tells us that by 2019, 72% of total digital ad spending is expected to be devoted to mobile. It is already easy to tell that news in the modern community are read more on people’s smartphones than newspapers or magazines—people want fast, straight-to-the-point information. Apps even notify you right away when something big happens, and just like that, in a matter of seconds you are up-to-date with our world’s bulletin of happenings. With the growing usage of smartphones over desktops, this is only to be expected. Don’t let your company lag behind.

SMS is an Efficient Marketing Strategy

Did you know that texts are read immediately and 98% are read within 3 minutes? People are more likely to read a text than an email that comes in their phone, also because texts are read faster than emails. So for your next marketing effort, try sending out a message with some quick info to your customers.


Mobile is the future of internet usage—desktops aren’t going to completely disappear, but mobile is taking priority. That being said, mobile will require just as much (if not more) attention from your business in the years to come. Regardless of your industry, it's important to remember to invest in this form of marketing, rather than letting it fall on your list of priorities.