As many of us are aware, things that are seen and done on a construction site can be interesting.

During my time working as a superintendent on a hotel job in Cheyenne, WY and while making one of my rounds through the building I went into the pool room. At the stage this project was in, the pool had been covered by a wood platform for safety purposes and throughout the job drywall was being installed. We heard a faint meow coming from underneath the wood cover, so we took a piece off and jumped underneath. There was a small scared kitten that took off running out of the pool room. With a group of grown men running like baboons down the hall trying to catch the cat, it vanished. Nowhere in sight, we gave up looking for the cat for the day.

A few days later, some drywall installers working on the 4th floor came down saying they could hear a cat but couldn’t find it.   Long story short, I went upstairs and proceeded to take drywall off the walls.  We found the little scared cat underneath a tub, drywalled in. We fed the cat and proceeded to find it a good family to go to. 

Construction can be a tricky business.