wichita sports forum


The Wichita Sports Forum features regional and national tournaments in basketball, volleyball, soccer, NCAA sand volleyball, cheer competitions and has a 35,000 sq. ft. trampoline park. The facility was built utilizing tilt-up construction for speed, wall height, and insulating qualities.

The construction process was nothing short of a complete orchestration of every trade out there. Initially dirt work, water/sewer, fire lines and plumbing lines were trenched and installed. Next, the concrete floor was poured in sections to control the process and work around weather issues. Once the floor sections were cured, the wall sections were built on and poured on top of the floor. The key on tilt-up construction is to work from the middle out. This meant the party rooms, offices, and bathrooms needed to be completed first. The sections were lifted into place and braced. Then the outside walls were lifted, positioned and braced. To lock the panels into place steel plates were used to connect all the panels to each other. The roof system starting with steel joists was put into place which allowed other trades to begin work on the interior. Electricians, plumbers, painters, court floor installers, welders, glass workers began the process of transforming the shell into a sports activity center totally unique to this area.

Ultimately, what made this project successful was carefully planning, management coordination, and cooperation with the all trades. The Wichita Sports Forum features six basketball courts that transition into ten volleyball courts, six sand volleyball courts that transitions into a sand soccer field, a turf soccer field that is also a baseball infield, four batting cages, and a 35,000 sq. ft. trampoline park with an obstacle course. From ground-breaking to opening day was 155 days.