YAYA’S EURO bistro



YaYa’s Euro Bistro is known for delivering a quality dining experience and when they decided to relocate after 20 years, they tapped Jaco to build out their new restaurant. “Jaco was chosen because they understood the brand and our customers expectations of quality at every turn” noted Paul Khoury, President, PB&J Restaurants. Because many of the elements from the existing restaurant were also to be incorporated into the new location, demo of the existing space became in part a salvage operation. The results were pallets of stone and lighting fixtures to be reused. This was also subtle way of letting the customers know that what they had enjoyed about YaYa’s all those years was not changing, just moving.

The restaurant features multiple levels so construction began with piping and flooring, then moved to framing. Time needed to be allowed for all the specialty finishes including stone work, wood staining, wood flooring, and wall fabrics, to name a few. As with any project, material handling is a significant portion of the project that needs to be planned for and controlled from day one. Other elements such as wood beams, wall fabrics and materials, specialty tiles and more were coming from around the globe, so coordinating and protecting deliveries until ready to use was key to meeting the short project timeframe. Even with an open kitchen area, there are still many back of house items that require careful installation and testing. The wood-burning oven was built brick-by-brick and required certification along with all stove hoods. Upon project turnover, Wink Hartman II, Jaco’s Chief Development Officer, commented: “what makes a project special like this one, is when the owner is passionate about what they do and the customers they serve. That passion shows up in the attention to details throughout the construction process”.