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Resized 1 2 2 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized 1 2 2 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized 2 2 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized 3 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized 4 2 1 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized 5 2 1 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized 6 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor
Resized Bassett 1600x881 1 | BASSETT | Jaco General Contractor



While constructing a retail addition for the Waterfront retail center, Jaco was contracted to complete the interior finish of the new tenant Bassett Furniture store. The Bassett Furniture store features numerous vignettes that showcase various rooms and furnishing styles. Additionally, Bassett is known for customization that matches furniture styles with your choice of fabrics and finishes.

To allow the customer the opportunity to think through and discover what unique combination of style and finish best suits their home, Design Centers and displays are located throughout the store. In showcasing furniture, it is important the customer has an in-store experience similar to what they might experience in their home, so three key elements are vital to the experience: spacing, finishes and lighting. Spacing allows the customer to picture the vignette without distractions of an overcrowded space, while providing depth in the experience similar to an open floor plan. Finishes, including painting, flooring and trim, set the scene for the experience; while lighting draws you in, and creates drama that highlights the scene.

As with all projects, understanding the clients goals is a very important first step in producing a successful turnover. The Bassett Furniture showroom is a collection of large rooms that needed to feel like sections of a home and feature intimate areas. The store features floor to ceiling windows across the front, bringing natural light, and the main room has a stained concrete floor that plays as neutral foundation for the different fabric colors. Lighting impacts the experience in many ways⁠—it can draw attention to certain areas of the showroom, but it can also show any flaws in finishes, which required painters, floor installers and finishers to pay close attention to details. Additionally, the electricians needed to make sure loads were properly disbursed and all fixtures were easily controlled. The entire environment is made to be flexible from season to season.


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